Center For E-Health Nursing 

  What Is E-Health Nursing?

E-Health nursing is nursing via the Internet.   It utilizes all developing forms of health care delivery via the Internet such as consumer health information sites,  patient / caregiver interaction, electronic medical records, and remote patient monitoring.  

The way health care providers interact, interface, inform, educate, manage, and monitor clients has changed.  Technology, such as the telephone, and now the Internet, has provided us with new, better, and faster tools to perform these tasks.  A client's basic needs for health care have not changed, but  the delivery of and the way clients want health care delivered have changed.  If health care providers do not adapt to this change, clients will go elsewhere and non-technical health care providers will become obsolete.  

  What Is The Center For E-Health Nursing?

The Center For E-Health Nursing is an organization committed to providing information on e-health and e-health nursing and to provide a forum for candid discussion.  The Center For E-Health Nursing is devoted to educating and facilitating nurses in  the practice of nursing via electronic means.  

The Center For E-Health Nursing is more than a forum for discussing telephone nursing, telephone triage, and telemedicine.  The Center For E-Health Nursing is about moving the practice of nursing into the electronic age.  The Center For E-Health Nursing is futuristic and invites all entrepreneurial ideas utilizing this medium.

   E-Health Nursing Topics

  Topics, discussion, and feature articles will focus on several areas such as:

1.  Informatics skills that providers will need in finding and continually updating health information on the Internet and evaluating web articles for clients;  How to review medical portal sites for reliable  information and how to teach and discuss with clients what to look for in terms of "good" information.  To date, clients are more skilled at finding information on the Internet than health care providers!

2. Client Interface and Interaction issues such as electronic messaging with clients, supervising bulletin boards and chat rooms and securing information.

3. Client Education/Teaching via the Internet.

4. Chronic Disease Management and interactivity.

5. E-Monitoring such as monitoring blood pressure, blood glucose, spirometry, and medication compliance that can reduce health costs by reducing hospitalizations and disease mis-management.

6. Technology cutting edge and new uses in health care delivery including websites that use e-health.

   The Journal of E-Health Nursing: Feature Articles

This month will feature an interview with the president of eHealth International, Inc.  (, an internet health company providing e-health interactive web applications, disease specific websites, and e-monitoring.  

eHealth International: A Cutting Edge Company For A New Age In Health Care

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