Reply from Margie, Healthchoice - 7/20/2005

Susan, Hello I am an RN too I am 47 years old and have been a nurse for 23 years. I missed all four of my children's growing up years. I worked several years working nights just so I could be home with them during the day. I know what you mean. I am tried of punching the clock and desire a way to be home more and I plan on doing just that. I have three grandchild and I would love to spend time with them and be able to travel with them and not have to worry about being paid for hours while I am away. I just started a business with three Doctors and several nurses and we are all working toward financial freedom amd a residual income. I personally know several women who have been able to replace thier income and quit thier jobs. This job is simple to do. Anyone can do it. It is something that you can build and will to your children when you reach a certain level. Please email me for more information at margiehugybear@ or call me at 503-378-7359

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